Free Stanford Robotics Resources Database

The Stanford Robotics Lab is into extensive research in the field of robotics. They welcome students who would want to be a part of their research facility and add on to their existing resource. The lab's resources database has many free publications.  

The following are some pointers towards the free resources database.  

There is a page dedicated to publications in the Stanford Robotics Lab. This page records publications according to the various types available. For example, there are journals, conferences, theses and books. You might conduct a search for them according to the particular type you are looking for.

If you happen to know the year of publication for a journal, your search might just become easier as there is a year wise segregation of various publications.  

In these publications you might find that some of them are free and can be accessed from anywhere. Others might not be accessible.  

The free resource database is extremely informative and might help you in your research or information search.  

There is a varied range of topics for reading. Algorithm, robotic motion control, designing, use of robots in various tasks, are some of the areas explored in this database.  

Every research that is accessible is thorough and would help budding scholars in gaining a comprehensive insight into the various projects that have been executed within the premise of the Stanford Robotics Lab.  

To get a download of the publication, one needs to click on the link that has been attached as hyperlink in the list. This leads to the download of the file in pdf. format and you can read it at ease.  

The vast amount of resources will be of great help to anyone who has an interest in the field of robotics. The projects are quite innovative and makes one wonder about the extent to which technological advancements have taken the world in its clutches.  



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