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Artificial Intelligence Kit
Launching Spring 2019


  • Complete Stem solution in one package!

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Origin™ Robotics Kit & CastleRock

Looking for a fun and easy way to introduce STEM in your classroom? Our Origin Robotics Kit enables anyone to build real robots and program them. The kit includes metal parts, servos, LEDs and sensors, so kids can create robots that react to the environment around them.

Origin Robotics Kit includes access to our CastleRock programming software. Using CastleRock, kids will learn to code while they construct robots that spin, wave arms and flash LEDs. Students use C++ coding language to control their robots, providing a solid foundation to easily explore other languages and skills. Going beyond programming, CastleRock provides a set of tiered challenges that guides students through a planned, conversational curriculum. No previous technology experience is required!


    What You Get


  • Learn To Build & Code

CastleRock Stages

Range of Projects

CastleRock includes 20+ projects of increasing complexity. Once a student completes the core challenges, their knowledge allows them to begin programming robots however they wish.

3D Visualization

3D Visualization

CastleRock’s 3D visualization helps students construct robots quickly and easily. This feature provides step-by-step build instructions, viewable in 360 degrees with zoom and rotation, so the goal for each step is clear.

CastleRock Curriculum

Built-in Curriculum

CastleRock provides a set of tiered challenges that guides students through a planned, conversational curriculum, teaching the basics of robotic construction and core programming concepts.



Curriculum Philosophy

ROBOTERRA’s curriculum and standards are designed to accomplish two goals; inspire students’ inner engineers and to put students on the path to pursue and succeed in higher level STEM fields. We have adopted a Project Based Learning Methodology since we believe “learning by doing” is the most effective way to learn to code and build a robot.


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  • Our Success Stories

student 1
Kevin C.

- Student

"Robotics is really cool! RoboTerra helps me succeed in school because I learn things no one else at school knows."

student 2
Allen S.

- Student

"My favorite part is getting hands on experience. I can program the computer and watch it move the robot I built!"

student 3
Allison C.

- Student

"This isn't like anything I've learned in school. I want to keep doing robotics."


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