10 Most Important Things When Teaching Programming

Programming can be a difficult discipline to teach. It requires patience to understand and not everyone might have the similar kind of intelligence quotient to grasp the finer aspects of this field. Every seasoned programmer has spent a number of years learning the ropes of the program in all its intricate details before mastering it.  

While teaching programming, there are a few important aspects you need to keep in mind.  

  1. Every learner is of a different mettle. Do not expect everyone to grasp everything at the same time. Be patient and explain each aspect as many times as it is required. 

  2. The basics should be crystal clear. For you to make the basics clear for a student, you should have them clear yourself as a first step. Unless a student has clarity on the fundamentals, he cannot move ahead in this domain.  

  3. Begin slowly and let the students explore the way ahead. Hold back sometimes and see if they can find the solution on their own. 

  4. Make it fun and an exercise filled with activity. Without any engagement, programming might seem cumbersome to many and this might lead to early disinterest 

  5. Start with simple languages for kids like LOGO. When they master it, let the limitations dissolve by moving into Python. 

  6. There are a number of program packages for learners available on the internet. You could subscribe to one or more of them and let your students dabble in them.  

  7. Work with your students and be one of them. It is not about giving them a couple of questions and asking for solutions. It is about solving the problems with them. 

  8. Coding is not everything. Having a proper amount of exposure to computer science and technology is the key to programming. Everyone should have the basic knowledge about how their gadgets function and here programs come into picture.  

  9. Programming helps in opening the horizons of your mind. It allows a student to exercise creativity and develop an interest in the same.  

  10. The world needs more programmers. You do not know whose life you are shaping when you teach programming to your students. One of them might be the future Mark Zuckerberg for all you know.   

 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcwx-I6Arwk 

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