Robotics education made simple.


ROBOTERRA's all in one solution offers a full spectrum experience of learning how to build and code your own custom robot.  The combination of our Origin Kit, Castlerock software and Project based learning curriculum finally makes it easy and fun to code and build robots. 



ROBOTERRA Origin Kit is a robotics kit for young makers age above 10 to build their own robots and learn how to code. It contains a collection of robotics building blocks as well as the innovative CastleRock Online Learning Platform. It empowers young makers around the world to build and program their own robot with an up-to-date online robotics curriculum.


CastleRock Online Learning Platform

CastleRock Online Learning platform makes learning robotics and C++ programming no longer intimidating. We built a variety of gamified challenges and robot projects in CastleRock, and learners will find own path into the world of robotics.


Hardware, Software and Cloud Synergy

Hardware and software should be used in concert, not in isolation. ROBOTERRA builds on this marriage between hardware and software by offering an experience that involves both simultaneously. When students code in CastleRock (software), they see how their code manifests in their robot (hardware) immediately. This 360º look at robotics shows learners how programming & mechanics are the yin & yang of engineering.


Our Vision

At ROBOTERRA, we love robots. We love robotics, we love mechanics, and certainly love programming. But as much as we love robots, we love people even more. Nuts, bolts, sensors, and motors are fantastic, but ambition, creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity are even better! Our vision at ROBOTERRA is to create a space where robotics and people can come together in perfect harmony. With the Origin™ Kit, the next generation of STEM innovators has a platform not only to develop robots, but also to develop their own skills. At ROBOTERRA we believe that good robots are built with technical elements, but great robots are built with the human element. 



ROBOTERRA cultivates creativity through two channels—hardware and software; students learn mechanical & electrical engineering skills through the Origin® Kit, as well as programming skills through CastleRock™ online learning platform. Rather than a predetermined result, students utilize their creativity to build their own robots.


Collaboration is a crucial skill in the 21st century. ROBOTERRA provides a physical and online platform in which students communicate, share ideas, and challenge each other to build new, innovative robots. In the process, the next generation of STEAM innovators develops interpersonal skills as well as technical skills.


ROBOTERRA robots do not come with instruction manuals, they are not prescribed, they are the products of students’ own imaginations. Therefore, students must utilize their own ingenuity to determine if a problem has been “fixed” based on their own vision of the robot, rather than an answer found in the back of a textbook.



A quick guide to learn ROBOTERRA Origin™ Kit and Castlerock™ Platform