What makes CastleRock so different?

Fear No more,
CastleRock virtual robot is here!

Finally, a tool that catches bugs quickly and significantly reduces the time coding and building a robot.  The old way of building robots is time consuming and frustrating. Our tool makes it quick and easy without compromising learning outcomes.

Learn C++ on the first day of your robotics class

C++ coding language provides a solid foundation for students to easily explore other languages and skills.   

3D interactive visualization

Our 3D visualization tool makes it easy for you to construct our robots quickly and easily.  This feature will show step by step build guide as well as a 360 experience by zooming in and rotating to make sure you don’t miss a single step. 

Challenge yourself at your own pace.

Start with the basics and then challenge yourself with more than 30 projects to choose from. With CastleRock projects are updated monthly, we are just getting started.

 CastleRock is available for download in Chromebook, Windows and Apple.

Want to see CastleRock for yourself? 

Let’s Get Started!

Once you download our software have you account activated get started by taking our tutorials and core fundamental projects.  Also, we will provide training via the software  with rich content and videos tutorial guides as well as LIVE webinars. 

We decided the best way for students to learn is to have easy to follow instructions with an instruction, programming and virtual robot interface. 

The instruction panel provies step by step instructions as well as outline of what the students will be accomplishing in each project. 

Every project clearly shows every step you will be perfmoing in the build of the project. Each symbol represents what you will be building whether it is a coding, building or

adorkable robot instructions.gif

SOFTWARE Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,
    64/32 bit with latest service packs

  • Apple inc Logo

    Apple Macintosh@:
    Mac OSX +10.9.5

  • 4GB

  • 1.7 GHz

    or faster
    (with integrated
    graphics card/

  • 800*1280

    Minimal Supported
    Screen Resolution

  • 5 GB

    of Available Hard
    Disk Space
    (At least)

  • USB Port

  • Internet

The goal of my instruction is in the creation of students who can independently solve complex problems through design and ingenuity in order to prepare them for an employable future.

ROBOTERRA has provided me an innovative approach to problem solving while adhering to STEM standards for the classroom allowing my students to gain the tools needed for their future.
Stephen J. Griffith
Tech Ed/Robotics
Five Forks Middle School
Lawrenceville, GA
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