Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, ROBOTERRA develops creative robotic products, designed to stimulate creativity and cultivate the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent. ROBOTERRA’s robotics kits and software are designed to motivate students to learn about science, while providing a foundation for tech-driven careers.

Launching 2019, ROBOTERRA's Artificial Intelligence Kit is our latest project. This innovative educational kit allows students to interact directly with an animal robot, guiding it through an AI "learning process" to move, obey commands and play together. Curriculum teaches kids about machine learning, deep learning and algorithms in a fun, intuitive, hands-on way.


Our Story

ROBOTERRA was founded in January 2014 and is based in Palo Alto, California. With teams in Silicon Valley and China, our company brings together world-class robotics engineers, developers and education experts, tapping into global R&D expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Using ROBOTERRA’s Origin™ Kit hardware set and CastleRock™ online learning platform, students are able to construct their own robots and bring them to life. The Origin Kit includes all the components needed to build exciting and appealing robots, including the RoboCore controller board, sensors and actuators, anodized aluminum metal parts, nuts, bolts, and easy-to-use tools; our CastleRock software teaches students how to build and code through a simple, gamified approach.

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