Robotics is a highly collaborative field. At ROBOTERRA, we believe in recognizing others who share our enthusiasm for robotics. In 2015, we are proud to have awarded 9 robotics teams with ROBOTERRA Global Impact Grants. 

  1. Gryffingear Robotics, Palmdale CA
  2. Yeti Robotics, Charlotte NC
  3. Nerds of the North, Anchorage AK
  4. PantherTech Robotics, Russiaville IN
  5. Hawaiian Kids Robotics, Waialua HI
  6. Gryphon Robotics, Hillsborough CA
  7. Atomic Disco Robotics Engineers, Concord VA
  8. Friarbots Robotics, Huntington Beach CA
  9. Gatorbotics, Palo Alto CA

Additionally, we are proud to have been recognized at the 2015 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum in Santa Clara, CA. At this conference, ROBOTERRA was recognized with 2 awards.

  1. Top 30 Companies to Watch
  2. Excellent Startup