Introduction of ROBOTERRA Pilot Program

The Pilot Program will run from September 01, 2016 to August 31, 2017.  There is no direct funding to the school for entering into the pilot program.  A Curriculum Guide and training and coaching support will be provided by ROBOTERRA Inc. Applications should be made by the Principal of the School with the support of Central Administration and the educators within the school. Schools/ Districts/ Teams desirous of participating in the pilot are asked to review the ROBOTERRA Curriculum Outline before beginning the application process.  Organisations approved to participate in the 2016-2017 pilot will receive:

1.    ROBOTERRA Origin Kits for a mutually agreed cohort of students

2.    ROBOTERRA CastleRock Software Licenses for each student

3. ROBOTERRA Origin Kit and ROBOTERRA CastleRock Software License for Instructional Purposes/ Teacher Use

4.    Curriculum Guide for Teachers

5.   Online and Phone Support for the duration of the Pilot

Requirements of the Pilot Program Participation

During the pilot year, the school will:

1. Identify a leadership team of at least four educators (one of whom must be an administrator) who will attend all initial trainings

2.  Through its identified educators, facilitate the teaching of ROBOTERRA Robotics course to a mutually agreed cohort of students from the School

3.    Continuously assess progress in meeting the school’s pilot goals

4.    Actively capture assessment data /Maintain a log of significant events and activities

5. Capture and maintain photographic and video-graphic material which can be repackaged and publicized as determined by ROBOTERRA Inc.

6.    Share learning and data points with ROBOTERRA Inc & share successes and challenges with other schools interested in engaging in the modules

Evaluation of the Pilot Program

During the pilot program, schools will engage in dialogue with the designated representative from ROBOTERRA Inc. to share lessons learned, school successes and challenges, and progress toward meeting school goals for the project.  

RoboTerra Inc.