ROBOTERRA speaks at the Tech Museum of Innovations

San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation celebrates creative and innovative products and ideas. Creative photography, techno gadgets, robots, and entertainment are regular themes among their events. ROBOTERRA enjoyed the opportunity to speak to more than one hundred parents and children about the educational benefits of robotics. Roboterra has partnered with organizations like Codecademy, CoderDojo, Devoxx, and Mathbreakers in the spirit of preaching robotics’ value to blossoming STEM students.


At this event, RoboTerra consultants talked about the fun in learning and the joy of making one’s own robots. Like always, RoboTerra team tries to reach out to more people. Their presentation generated a wave of enthusiasm. Kids and their parents became interested in RoboTerra’s work. Who would not jump at the chance to make their own robot? RoboTerra will unveil its innovative Quantum Robotics curricula this June during its Summer camp program. 


RoboTerra Inc.