ROBOTERRA Grant 2015 Awarded to 12 Teams across US and China

At RoboTerra, we are proud to recognize schools, teams, and organizations who share our fervor for robotics and vision to cultivate the highest caliber robotics education for the next generation of STEM innovators. 

In 2015, we awarded grants to 12 teams in total, 11 in the U.S. and one in China, for their impactful work in the field of robotics education. Many of these teams have performed well in this year's FRC. Especially, the team from China was awarded "Rookie Inspiration Award" for its excellent performance as a rookie team in the Hawaii Regional. 

The 2015 World Leader's Grant was awarded to Gryphon Robotics of Hillsborough, CA. This entirely student-run team has shown dedication, commitment, and exceptional maturity in their pursuit of a title at the prestigious FRC competition. 

We were delighted when Gryphon Robotics team Captain, Ethan, joined us here at RoboTerra for our Robotics Pioneer Program. 

The 2015 Ambassador's Grant was awarded to Gatorbotics Robotics of Palo Alto, CA. This Bay Area team expressed an admirable vision to use robotics as a gateway into impacting global issues. 

RoboTerra is proud to partner with a team who shares the same zeal for robotics' potential to impact issues outside the classroom. 

The 2015 Global Visions Grant was awarded to Atomic Disco Robotic Engineers of Concord, VA. This east coast robotics team has shown strong commitment to sharing their impact with their local community. 

At RoboTerra, we support this team's think-global-act-local approach and are proud to recognize their efforts. 


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