Sunnyvale, California-Jan 6, 2015 - ROBOTERRA introduces the Origin® Robotics Kit (2016) and CastleRock™ Cloud Platform at #CES2016. Cooperating with educators, ROBOTERRA’s products teach students ages 8 to 18 engineering and robotics.

ROBOTERRA’s Origin® Kit (2016) can be used to create modulated robots. Powered by RoboCore™, the patented controller, the Origin™ Kit’s electronic modules are equipped with corresponding abstract object classes where API functions are defined. 


The kit is designed to pair with CastleRock™ Cloud Platform. CastleRock™ provides students with a set of scaffolded challenges that guide them through the ROBOTERRA robotics engineering curriculum. Through cloud distribution, CastleRock™ enables dynamic challenge updates, future additions of compatible electronics modules and their APIs, and online courses. ROBOTERRA provides students an educationally rich tool where they can learn, explore, and experiment on their own.  


ROBOTERRA offers students an interactive and unique learning experience in robotics, and educators tools to teach STEAM effectively. Through the intelligent hardware and curriculum module combination, we aim to provide future generations a complete robotics education solution to cultivate their inner engineers!

Q: How do we SIMPLIFY making robots?

1. Instant Feedback from Virtual Robot

The continuous connection between CastleRock™ and the brain of a robot, RoboCore™, allows students to recognize when they make errors, and debug them with instantaneous feedback information from the Virtual Robot. No need to wait for a teacher’s guidance or instruction—students blaze their own trail. 

2. Object-oriented and Event-driven Philosophy

With a number of built-in APIs supported by CastleRock™, students can gain control access to their robots without being restricted by complex low-level coding. CastleRock™ also implements an event-driven framework that facilitates the algorithm design of students’ robots, approachable by new and returning robotics students alike. 

3. Hardware, Software and Cloud Synergy

ROBOTERRA’s Origin™ Kit and CastleRock™ Cloud Platform combine seamlessly to create a venue where students can display their own creativity and imagination. An #EduTech company, ROBOTERRA sees students as the most efficient group through which tech innovation can progress to uncharted levels. We are dedicated to cultivating this progress by putting high-quality robotics products into the hands of motivated students. The innovation of tomorrow's engineers begins with the imagination of today's students. 

Photos from CES coming soon!

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