ROBOTERRA unveils the Quantum Summer Camp in Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

(May 19, San Mateo) ROBOTERRA introduces the upcoming Quantum Summer Camp, a personalized project oriented robotic camp with C++ coding curriculum that aims to provide the best STEM education in the most intriguing and interactive way to every child. 

At San Mateo Event Center, the 11th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area took place, lasted three days from May 20-22, with over 15K participants and hundreds of makers, considered to be the largest Maker Faire on Earth. ROBOTERRA’s on stage Saturday show highlights the three-day Maker Faire. During the 30 minutes show, Tom Burns, the Education Director partnered with

Jim, an eleven-year-old Quantum Summer Camp Alumni, demonstrated to the students and parents how exciting and manageable to build you own robot with ROBOTERRA's Origin™ Kit and how cool it could be to make your robot come to life by coding on CastleRock, the online learning platform. The show reached its peak when Tom showcased the “Writing Robot,” a robot that can write your name. The “Writing Robot” was co-developed by ROBOTERRA’s engineering team and several high school level Quantum Summer Camp Alumnus with a purpose to illustrate the immeasurable possibilities with ROBOTERRA‘s novel robotics education.

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