Boost Your Brain with ROBOTERRA and Win Your Own Kit at National Maker Faire

(Washington D.C., June 15) ROBOTERRA will be attending the second annual National Maker Faire in Washington, D.C. June 18 and 19.

Kicking off the National Week of Making, ROBOTERRA will proudly host a maker space to invite all the young makers joining the world of robotics to showcase their talents, creativeness and genius.

Moreover, all the participants have an opportunity to win a free OriginTM Kit, leading off their robotics jounry with hands-on experience and gamified programming study.


ROBOTERRA endorse Maker Faire’s innovated and creative environment. Last month, exposing to over 150K participants at the Maker Faire Bay Area, ROBOTERRA was one of the honored sponsors of the “Host a School” Program, providing 60 underprivileged students the equal access to this greatest show and tell. Students as well as their parents all immersed themselves in this innovative robot building moment with ROBOTERRA engineers. Students smiled and proudly presented their accomplishments. Parents were also amazed at their kids’ potential and how much they could possibly achieve in the future with today’s STEM education.

ROBOTERRA aims to inspire creativity and innovation for the youth worldwide through robotics education. National Maker Faire advocates to further expand the impacts of innovation by providing a stage for ingenious makers to express their passions and explore new technologies.