Hackathon Host Entry

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Contact Person
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Your Plan for the Hackathon
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Tentative Dates
Computers *
Requirement: 1. PC or Mac 2. We can install CastleRock software to the computer (www.roboterra.com/castlerock)
Wi-Fi *
To facilitate the communication between the controller board and the ROBOTERRA server, we need stable Wi-Fi during the event.
Can you/your students make promotion flyers for the hackathon? We will share you visual elements and guide with your creative team.
People for the Hackathon
One hackathon serves 30 students. The host needs to get 40 student signups to ensure a most effective hackathon.
We need one teacher/librarian/parent volunteer to host the event, and three more trained volunteers to help students with questions. Ideal ratio of volunteers and students is 1:3. Trainings will be provided by ROBOTERRA, Inc.