Curriculum Availability: Build Your Own Robot and Learn to Code!

If you haven’t already noticed, computer science is having its day.

Programming languages have emerged as the curriculum du jour amid middle and high school students. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at the fastest growing area of the country—Silicon Valley, California. Take a second peek to see which industries are luring people to this area in droves; tech! Very rarely do pipelines between skills and jobs come about in the volume boosted by Northern California.

It’s time for schools to follow suit! Homeschool or traditional, students must learn coding, and learn it fast! Asking a homeschool teacher from a previous generation to teach coding is often an unrealistic request.

Fortunately there’s ROBOTERRA’s CastleRock software.

Students with no background in coding whatsoever can start learning C++ on their own—no teacher necessary. The gameified challenges in CastleRock make learning C++ fun, intuitive, and effective.

After 30 CastleRock challenges, students will not only be proficient in     C++, but they’ll also see how the programming language manifests in the real world when they upload their program into their robot.

The Robotics Revolution has arrived, my friends! Join it with us at ROBOTERRA!