Our vision at ROBOTERRA is to bring people and robotics together in perfect harmony. We believe that good robots are built with quality technical elements, but great robots are built with the human element - a sum greater than its parts alone.

With our Origin Kit, CastleRock software and project-based leaning curriculum, we make robotics education easily accessible to teachers and students worldwide.


CastleRock Online Learning Platform

Our CastleRock Online Learning Platform offers a complete robotics curriculum for students to learn construction concepts and programming. CastleRock makes it easy for anyone to teach robotics, or learn to build their first functional robot. Step-by-step instructions are provided for all projects, which are designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards.


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ROBOTERRA Origin Kit is a beginner-friendly robotics kit. Students age 10 to 18 can learn programming basics by constructing their own robots and bringing them to life. The Origin Kit includes all the components needed to build exciting and functional robots. 



Project-Based & Student-Paced Curriculum

  • Aligns with many STEM and STEAM programs
  • Allows students to work at their own pace via an interactive online platform
  • Provides a high level of engagement, leading to better learning


Student Robotics Hackathon

ROBOTERRA’s Student Robotics Hackathon is a one day event designed to quickly introduce students to the world of robotics and programming. This cooperative meetup is an excellent opportunity for schools, libraries and other public facilities to host students for a 5-hour exploration of robotics basics, coding challenges, and a final presentation of their projects to fellow students and parents. We can provide all the materials needed, and no previous experience is required.