5 Best Robotics-related TED Talks

Machines are becoming our companions, and this looks like a concept taken straight out of the movies. Yet it is very relevant in the current world scenario. With our increasing dependence on machines each passing day, knowing the future with machines would perhaps make us more welcoming towards the change.

Mr. Kumar and the team have together built robots which can fly, swarm and sense each other. These quadrotors form ad-hoc groups so that they can partake in activities which require extensive team inputs. Best examples could be construction and survey disasters, among others 

Mr. Singer talks about real world situations and the use of robots in wars. One of the beliefs that people today have is that science fiction scenarios would soon become a reality. Mr. Singer successfully brings to life one of such scenarios.

The Gecko is a fascinating creature in terms of the tactics it applies in dealing daily life situations. Its use of the feet and stickiness to climb that are fascinating. However, the tail is the most impressive of all, and the legendary Robert Full echoes this in his talk.

This is a kind of prophetic talk where Brooks charts the entry of robots in our lives. He can highlight the gradual inception of hi-tech gadgets in our lives-beginning with toys, and going on to devices for household chores and more. The arguments are convincing and optimistic at the same time.   

In her talk, Heather presents Data-a stand up robotic comedian. This robot not just cracks jokes but also gathers audience feedback to tunes his acts according to the response received.