In Which Regions of the U.S. is Robotics Most Popular?

The U.S. has always been a leader, and is quick to follow up ojn global changes and transitions. They are no behind in the usage of robots either. Ranking third in the world, only after China and Japan, the U.S. is one of the top countries to use robots in commercial, professional and personal jobs across all sectors.


According to a report from the Robotic Industries Association, the below are the numbers of robots put to use in America last year (2015):

  • 31,484 robots were ordered new for the year 2015
  • In total, 260,000 robots are working in factories across America
  • 19% increase in usage of robots in automotive sector
  • 35% increase in usage of robots in semiconductors and electronic companies in the USA

These numbers are projected to increase every year, and the usage of robots would become universal and inevitable in the next few years to come.


Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, building, operating and maintaining robots and their sensory, processing, control and feedback systems. Robots have become very familiar all over the world, and research on newer techniques in robotics is being conducted almost every day.

Robots are widely used in heavy machinery works, works that are dangerous to human beings, monotonous jobs and anywhere it can reduce the workload of a man.

Robotics in the USA

The USA, especially the North American Robotic market is seeing an incredible growth in the number of robots used and the extent to which they take over manual labor in factories and industries. In the first quarter of 2016, about 7,406 robots were ordered throughout North America!  Companies of all sizes slowly realize the improvement they can have by employing robots to replace manual labor.

Will This Mean More Unemployment In US?

Fortunately, the number of manual jobs that man loses to robots are being compensated by new openings in the robotic sectors. Robots cannot work independently. They need people to input information, monitor, maintain them, and this has opened up a lot of newer job prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed a decrease in the unemployment rate in the US early this year. The increase in jobs last year go on to show that the increase in robot usage does not necessarily mean an increase in unemployment.

Top Robotic Regions in the US

Though most of the regions in the US are slowly adapting to robots in their workplace, the below are areas that are killing it when it comes to innovations and robot usage every day. 

1. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to the famous Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute that offers great courses for students interested in learning robotics. Top few percentages of technology lovers study in this institute. Apart from this, the new Uber robotics lab is started here in Pittsburgh. It would ensure more job opportunities for students finishing their courses in robotics and encourage more students to take up the subject.

2. Boston

Boston is yet another famous state capital in the US that boasts of an extensive network of robotic enthusiasts and engineers. With the world respected MIT Institute, this is a heaven for robotic enthusiasts to get together, brainstorm and get creative ideas. A lot of robotic companies are situated in and around Boston to ensure they pick up top robotic candidates from MIT.

3. San Francisco

There are a lot of robotic companies in the San Francisco area, and the number keeps growing every year. Revolve Robotics, Bilibot, Underwater drones from OpenROV, Romotive – the perfect play companion, momentum machines, etc. are a few names to watch out for in the robotic startup area.

4. Silicon Valley

Similar to San Francisco, Silicon Valley is another region that is bombarded by new startups on robotics. Roboterra is a brand from Santa Clara, CA that designs robot-making kits and online platforms for students to create their robots and learn in the process.

Usually, one defines the development of an area by the number of educational institutions and industries that come up. This help improves the lifestyles of people, increase the area's GDP and promote growth.

These four regions, therefore, are far ahead when it comes to robotics in the USA. There are a lot of other places that are quickly catching up, and there is an increase in the number of colleges that exclusively teach robotics in the country. The increase in right robotic education will directly improve the number of jobs and the quality of work in robotic industries.
Robotics is the next big thing in technology, and the whole of USA is sprinting to catch up to it and make the best use of this phase.

RoboTerra, Inc.