10 Best High-Tech Products That Your Kids Will Love

The biggest problem we face as parents is gifting our children. We need to make sure the gift is useful, and they learn something out of it. And we also need to ensure they like it and use it! I tried gifting my little one books for two consecutive years, and I am sure he did not even open the first page before putting it away in their cupboard. We should not blame kids. They expect gifts that engage them and keep them excited.

Here is a list of top ten high-tech products that will both make your kid happy and give you the satisfaction of gifting them something useful.

1.    Gameband Minecraft

If your child loves Minecraft, then this USB wearable storage that will protect their saved games and travel with them wherever they go is a good option to consider. The band comes with preloaded worlds and saves their previous games to continue playing wherever they feel.

2.    Leapfrog LeapBand

An activity tracker that tracks the number of steps your kid has walked or climbed in a day, the number of hours he/she has slept, and other fitness statistics. It can be a sure way to motivate the kids to stay healthy and have fun.

3.    Roboterra Origin Kit

Does your child love technology? Gifting them the Origin Kit from Roboterra is an amazing option to consider. The kit can be used to build infinite robot ideas and will challenge their brains, encourage group activity and is a perfect learning medium. The kit works on C++ via the CastleRock Online Learning Platform, and this is an easy way for them to learn a new programming language too!

4.    BB-8TM

BB-8TM is a Star Wars inspired app-enabled droid, and it provides your kids hours and hours of fun, controlling it through their phone. The device responds to voice and has an adaptive personality.
Image by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

5.    Hackaball

Hackaball is right now available for pre-ordering, and it is a smart ball that kids can play with, invent games with and have total fun. 
Image by Rainrabbit via Flickr

6.    Airborne Night Drone

Airborne Night Drone is a mini drone from the brand Parrot and will give your kids an amazing time working it outdoors. These drones need an adult supervision and hence you will also be able to spend quality time with your children and have fun.

7.    i-Que

i-Que is an intelligent robot that can answer questions your kid has or play games with him/her. It also comes with dynamic movements, sounds and lights and is loaded with brain teasers, games and other puzzles that will challenge your kid.

8.    Osmo

Osmo is an iPad designed specifically for kids between 5 and 12 years of age to play. It smartwatch with engaging puzzles, games and brain teasers that will keep them active, knowledgeable and engaged.

9.    VTech  Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

A smartwatch that comes with cool clock faces, more memory to store pictures and videos and attractive frames and filters for the pictures taken and a lot of games. 

10.    Anki Overdrive

New generations of self-driving race cars have come to the market, and Anki is one of them.  Kids can have loads of fun, and this is operated via both Android and iOS.

RoboTerra, Inc.