​ 10 Fun Robotics Crowd-Funding Projects Need Your Support

Robotics is getting popular with young entrepreneurs, startups and students. And inventors present a significant number of projects and ideas in crowdfunding platforms all over the world every day. Crowdfunding is a recently evolved process of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, usually via platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The below ten fun robotic projects require funding right now, and you can check them out, and if interested, fund them and show your support.

1.    Riley

This project already has a funding of $166,631 from Indiegogo and the interest that was shown keeps increasing. Riley is a typical home monitoring robot that will move around the house and relay live HD video and audio when you are not around.

2.    Ziro

The founders are marketing Ziro as the world’s first hand controlled robotic kit. It will help you build your invention and control it with simple hand gestures. Also on the Indiegogo platform, this particular project has already received a lot of accolades.

3.    Roboterra

While the first two are projects already underway, here is something you should keep a tab. Roboterra is a very popular brand that helps you build your robot and access it using a C++ programming language platform. They are to launch soon on Indiegogo and backing them in the initial stages will get you great deals.

4.    Antbo

Antbo is a fun insect robot that can be built and operated by any layman. This project on Indiegogo has raised $31,494 to date and has promised to teach the users the basics of robotics and coding.

5.    Lumi

Lumi is a one touch drone that does one touch stunts and can play be used to play interactive games, music and more. WowWee, who is a very famous robotic toy designer maker, has designed this device.

6.    Lighty

Lighty is promoted as the world’s first robotic HD laser projector. You can project movies, presentations, and all video wherever you go, and you can also play movies, projecting them on a big screen. Lighty has got just 20%of the requested funding, and you can quickly contribute to making it happen!
Lighty via Indiegogo

7.    WaterStrider

WaterStrider is a drone that is designed to work great on all terrains including water, rocks, snow and sand. Requested for funding on Kickstarter, this is a very popular project on this website.

8.    Jelly the Robot Plush

If you are looking for total fun, adorable robotic projects, this could be it! Jelly is a 9*9 inch plush robot that is designed to act cute and sweet! The project still requires considerable funding on Kickstarter, and you can contribute today.

9.    RoboTools

A 3 in 1 cleaning system, it promises to replace all the traditional AC cleaning tools available in the market today. With a month left for funds to pour in, you can check them out and support on Indiegogo.

10.    VRTeddy

A virtual reality teddy bear that can move around when you put on the VR headset and even hug when asked! They still need a lot of funding, and you can check their page on Indiegogo for more on how this works.

RoboTerra, Inc.