10 Robotics Museums to Go in 2016 Summer

Museums can be pretty exciting for people who take interest in the antique or in innovations. It would be a good idea to explore one of the robotics museums in this summer, if you take interest in the innovative technology which has invaded the world, and here comes the list.  

1. MIT Museum

Here you can find out how artificial intelligence is used in robotics and the research of MIT.  

2. American Computer and Robotics Museum

With a mission to preserve the history of the information age, this museum showcases some of the best artifacts connected to robotics.  

3. Miraikan

In this museum, you can interact with robots to understand what the future has in store for us and how well the interaction between robot and humans might shape up.  

4. Grand Rapids Public Museum

The exhibits around here are innovative and the robot zoo is something which can be enjoyed over summer. 

5. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is designed in a way which ensures that one can critically analyze the lessons learnt from the past and look for a way forward into the future.  

6. Science Museum, London 

The information age gallery in this museum is the most ambitious and divided into zones which you can explore this summer.  

7. National Museum Australia

This museum employs robots as tour guides to help you view its gallery virtually as well.  

8. Carnegie Science Center

In the RoboWorld exhibition held in this museum, you can find few of the biggest permanent robots and challenge robots to a game of air hockey.  

9. The Works Museum

Inspiring the next generation and helping them to put on their thinking caps when it comes to technology is the mission of this museum. The exhibits and programs organized are interactive and innovative.  

10. The Tech Museum

There is a lot to do with biology and bio-engineering in this museum. Biology as technology is an interesting area to explore. 

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