10 Robotics Technologies That Are Changing The World

Robotics is one of the most researched sectors in technology across the world. Robots are revolutionizing all aspects of work and personal life and will continue to do so over the next few decades. The below is a list of 10 robotic technologies in no particular order that are changing the world right now. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has always remained a very interesting and futuristic approach to robotics. The main idea of AI is to design a robot that will think and work like a human being. It will be able to communicate, reason out decisions and act independently.  

Deep Learning 

This is a technology where simulated neural networks are used in helping robots understand information much deeper and to train them on a particular subject.  


This is the design and implementation of miniature robots in areas that are inaccessible by living beings 

Knowledge Sharing Robotics 

How amazing would it be if one can program just one robot and that would take care of sharing its information and knowledge with other robots? This is still a developing concept. 

Drone Technology 

By the end of 2015, the regulations for registering drones by the U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were released and this was met with excitement by a lot of robotic freaks out there. 2016 might see an increased number of commercial drones being introduced around the world. 

Modular Robotics 

Another very interesting part of robotics, this involves machines that rearrange themselves into different patterns for different tasks. 

Tele Presence Robotics 

This is an interesting field in robotics where an automated device acts as a person’s double in a remote location. It saves executives and busy business people time and money and can be operated from another location.  

Domestic Robots 

As the name suggests these robots will be used for household chores and though there are only limited models now, the option to explore this field is huge. 

Exoskeleton Robotics 

This is the study of wearable machines that help improve physical strength of a person and also helps people with disabilities to move around. This wall street Journal video shows a successful Exoskeleton robot built by students. 

Body Machine Interfaces 

For people with permanent disabilities, this process will help the person convert the feed they provide to the machine into feelings that will help them move limbs that is impossible otherwise. 

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