10 Silicon Valley Robotics Companies That You Need To Know

Robotics have taken the world by storm as a result there are more and more entrepreneurs investing in this field.  With the immense opportunities that has been created continually, these are the top 10 companies in the Silicon Valley which are worth looking out for.  

Neato Robotics

This company believes in the fact that robots could be used to clean homes much more efficiently than us humans and the best part is that their robot vacuum cleaners could be a part of anyone’s family as much as the next pet. 


This company has taken communication one step ahead and equips a user with a “personal remote avatar” with the help of which he can traverse far off locations in real time. It is possible for a doctor to visit a patient, a businessman can attend a meeting four countries away- without having to travel physically.

Willow Garage

This company has a team of experts who works toward development of open source software and hardware so as to implement the same in robotic applications. 

Restoration Robotics

As the name suggests, this company is out to implement the boon of robotics in the area of hair restoration. They use robots to harvest follicular units from the scalp itself.  


This is another company set up in the soil of Silicon Valley and dedicated to the designing of robots as the solution to critical problems in and around the globe.  


Robotics and toys go hand in hand since toy manufacturers use this field to make toys much more mechanized. OLogic has implemented cost effective and yet superior technology in this area as a step towards providing innovative solutions to toy making.  

Revolve Robotics

If you have heard of Kubi, then you know that it is developed by Revolve Robotics. Kubi (Japanese for neck) is a robotic tablet and gives the user the freedom to interact while video conferencing.                                             

SRI International

Supplying robotic equipment or software to commercial companies and to the government is the main agenda of this company.  

Intuitive Surgical

As its name suggests, this company uses robotics to conduct surgeries with minimal invasion across various medical disciplines.  

Omron Adept Technologies

This is one of the oldest industrial robot manufacturing company and aims at offering a complete solution for industries which dabble in utilization of robots.

RoboTerra, Inc.