Frequent Questions

1. Can adults use the Origin™ Kit and CastleRock™ to learn robotics?

Yes, absolutely! The kit is useful for anyone over 10 years old, who’s interested in robotics.

2. Can multiple users share one CastleRock account?

We strongly recommend each learner to have his/her own account.

3. Is parent supervision required when kids are using the kit?

Because the kit contains aluminum sheet metal and circuit board pins, we encourage users under age 13 to build in the presence of an adult. Parents can also enjoy building the robots with kids.

4. What kind of robot can I build with the kit?

Anything! You can build dozens of CastleRock projects, and also create your own robot! The kit is not a roadmap to a predetermined destination. It’s a tool that students use to build whatever they can imagine.

5. My child has no experience in robotics, is ROBOTERRA still an option for him/her?

Yes. ROBOTERRA’s Origin™ Kit and CastleRock™ have been designed with blossoming engineers in mind. The easy-to-use materials allow new engineers to explore the kit’s infinite possibilities without growing frustrated. Rookies are welcome!

6. I'd prefer my son/daughter spends free time socializing with peers instead of interacting with a robot; is ROBOTERRA still an option?

We understand your concern, and ROBOTERRA is absolutely an option for your son or daughter. Larger, more complex robots can be built when students team up and share ideas. We encourage blossoming Roboterrians to collaborate and work together to build & program innovative robots. In robotics, "WE" is greater than "ME"!

7. Are components best worked on in pairs, groups of 3 or 4?

The short answer to your question is YES they can be in pairs or groups but the experience was intended to be individualized. The way it works right now in the robotics world is that when there is a group of kids each will be focused in one aspect and then not really get into the full spectrum of robotics.

For example, one kid likes to build and so just does that then avoids learning how to code. Our solution is for each student to be able to get the full experience. Each can and then build something bigger together.

8. Are components organized into their bins and shipped or is there a lot of set up and organizing involved on our end? 

There is no set up time required on your end. The kit will arrive organized in the 5 boxes as illustrated on our website.

9. Can the kits be reused? For instance, can I use the same kit from the summer program for our Fall after school program?

Yes you can. Keep in mind, each student who uses a kit will need their own individual CastleRock account.

10. Is the included curriculum user friendly for both teachers and students?

Absolutely! Our CURRICULUM has been written to attract new people to robotics. Even teachers who have not taught in math & science fields can teach it. For students the language and interface is attractive and easy to understand. Check out:

11. Is there training or Professional Development provided at no cost? Is this one time or ongoing? 

Training is provided via a video series. Additionally, we will provide e-mail, phone support, and website live chat during regular business hours.


Safety & Warnings

  • Batteries are not included. Use either AA rechargeable or AA non-rechargeable batteries. DO NOT use any home-made or modified batteries.
  • To avoid battery leakage, overheating, explosion, and fire, remove batteries when the product is not in use.
  • Do not impact, shock or throw any of the electronics (robot controller, sensors, actuators and batteries).
  • To avoid potential malfunction keep the electronics away from high temperature, moist environments, fire, and water.
  • Solder points on robot controller, sensors or actuators are sharp. To avoid scratch, be careful while assemble it.
  • To prevent short circuit, do not let solder points on robot controller, sensors or actuators directly touch any metal surface or other conductive material.
  • If excessive heat, smoke or fumes are emitted during operation, immediately power-off and unplug battery.
  • Product is not intended for use by children under age 6 without adult supervision. If a child swallows any parts (screws, nuts, etc.) or suffers injury, consult a physician immediately.