Roboterra Pilots Hardware-based student learning data at IACAC 2016

(New Brunswick, July 2016) Roboterra piloted RoboTerra's Hardware-Based Objective Cognitive-Patterns of Students (Robo-BOCS) at International Association of College Admission Counselors 2016 Annual Conference. Robo-BOCS  is bringing long-expected objectivity and much further enhanced data quality to admission credentials, that being lacked in traditional testing products. 

Robo-BOCS Data collected over the past four months awarded high marks for Robo-BOCS service and will be used to guide further improvements both for the professional development of Robo-products and Robo-students. The data comprises a total of 2,554 session observation across Robo-curriculum at schools and individual users among 11 different countries and regions, including but not limited to the analysis of learning habits, learning ability and problem-solving capability.  

Robo-BOCS aims to advance quality and equity in STEM education by providing fair and valid assessments. It measures knowledge and skills, promotes learning and performance, and support STEM education and professional development for all the students worldwide.