100x100: Team 1259's Creative Fundraising Campaign

Commencing this past season, Paradigm Shift has started a fundraising plan called 100x100, in which they hope to get $100 donations from 100 local businesses. Through the 100x100 plan, they not only hope to obtain $10,000 in donations, but also to further connect within their community.

A new fundraising plan the team is going to put into action this year is called 1,000x10; the idea is based on the 100x100 plan. The team wishes to procure another $10,000 and new mentors by going to ten larger engineering and technology firms and asking for $1,000.

Paradigm Shift prides itself in accepting monetary and in kind donations from a wide variety of sources, and maintaining a strong relationship with their sponsors for years.

RoboTerra Inc.