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Learn to Code with Interactive Instructions


The step-by-step instruction panel will guide students through every CastleRock project. Students are learning C++ from day one of their robotics class with CastleRock. A popular coding language like C++ provides a solid foundation for students to easily explore other languages and skills. Projects are thoughtfully designed to start out easy, teaching the basics of robot construction and elementary programming concepts. 



20+ Projects in Ascending Order of Difficulty


 As students progress and gain confidence in their skills, projects become increasingly more challenging.  Through cloud distribution, CastleRock enables dynamic project/challenge updates and future additions for compatible electronics modules and their APIs. 


See it in 3D, Learn it, and Do it


CastleRock 3D visualization tool makes it easy for you to construct our robots quickly and easily.  This feature will show step by step build guide as well as a 360 experience by zooming in and rotating to make sure you don’t miss a single step.



Gamified System for a Better Learning Experience


CastleRock provides an effective learning environment, and helps students to apply their knowledge in multiple projects. This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention.


Creative Mode: Learn to Build Your Custom Robot

CastleRock provides students with a set of tiered challenges that guide students through the curriculum. Once a student completes the core challenges, their robotics education has only just begun. At that point, students are equipped with the knowledge to begin programming their robot however they wish. When students are in control of their own learning, great things happen. 



Download CastleRock for Mac OS / Windows OS 








Contact Team CastleRock for Tech Support

We want you to get the best learning result. Let us know about your learning experience with CastleRock, shoot us a question, or fire over a comment, and we'll get back to you.

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