Top 10 Undergraduate Robotics Program In the U.S.

Robotics engineering is a rapidly growing stream. To the excitement of robot enthusiasts and students, the number of colleges that offer an undergraduate course in robotics is increasing year by year. Right now, students have a lot of choices regarding the college, degree and courses taken when they decide to graduate. The below are top 10 universities in the United States that have super awesome courses in robotics.

1.    University of Southern California

This prestigious college has a separate robotic research lab where students can work hands-on and research on latest robotic technologies.

2.    Carnegie Mellon University

This university has an array of undergraduate courses in robotics, and their National Robotics Engineering Center is busy all through the year with new projects and interesting research work.

3.    University of California, Santa Cruz

Students can apply for a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering from UCSC, and the course aims at cracking the mathematical and scientific processes behind robotics. Students, for graduation, can also obtain a minor in control designated robotics from here.

4.    GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania

There is an option of taking undergraduate research in robotics from the GRASP Lab. They have a list of ongoing and future projects, and students can have a look at these projects to understand the scope of studying robotics.

5.    California Institute of Technology

CalTech offers excellent courses in robotic engineering and is one of the leading colleges in the US for robot enthusiasts to study.  It boasts an excellent faculty line-up and a massive campus.

6.    Cornell University

There are some excellent courses on robotics for under graduate students to choose from at Cornell. Accredited by institutes like ABET, this university attracts the top percentage of students to study and research on robotics.

7.    Georgia Tech

The SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering) is a favorite course of choice for students looking to learn the basics of robotics. Launched in 2014, this is a ten-week robotic experience that would add considerable weight to a student’s resume. The robotics wing of Georgia Tech also offers short term courses on robotic technology for under grads.

8.    Colorado School of Mines

The Center for Automation, Robotics, and Distributed Intelligence (CARDI) in Colorado School of Mines is an excellent place to meet other enthusiasts, learn all about building robots and conduct researches on the topic.

9.    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI is a university that has the FIRST Robotics Research Center and a complete undergraduate course on robotics. With the focus on mechanical engineering, computer science, and programming, it gives students a strong base to learning further about robotics.

10.    John Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

The undergraduate courses in John Hopkins include learning all about the basics of robotics and their usage in an array of fields including medical surgeries and computational sensing.

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