Top 9 Informative Robotics Twitter Accounts to Follow

Robotics is an area of interest for many. Here are the top nine Twitter accounts to follow for fueling the fire in you for robotics. 

Rethink Robotics

Baxter, the first smart and collaborative robot, is a work of Rethink Robotics. This company is seeded in Boston and tweets about the various innovations in its scope.  

Robotic Trends

This twitter account gives you detailed information regarding robotic applications and how the advancements of robotics has been attuned to solving various real world problems.  

3D Robotics

Here you will find information about robotic drones and aerial cinema which are of an advanced nature. There are updates and videos about Solo, a drone, in the latest tweets which find its way into information that one would like to follow over a period of time.  

Robot Magazine

In this account you would find the latest information in consumer robotics, along with science facts. It is good to follow since it garners its content from latest happenings.  

Applied Robotics

The company itself is a provider of robotic services for specialized applications and it addresses market needs. They provide information of what other robotic companies are unleashing alongside their own innovations.  

Robotic Industries Association

This is a one point source for information on industrial robotics. As a group, the company is dedicated towards robotics and the safety involved therein.   

Robot Shop

The store which goes by the same name as of the Twitter account is one of the best in robot technology for not only commercial but also personal applications. They showcase a variety of new products on their page.  

Planet Robotics

This account is a planet within itself. There are a lot of fun information and videos which would appeal to the larger mass of people.  

National Robotics Week

Although the national robotics week started way back on 2nd April and ended in a week’s time, this is an active account which gives one insight into robotics competitions and events.